Rebranding for the “Network” (B2B) & “Community” (B2C) Plans


Fall 2009 - Fall 2014; Waltham, MA

To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted and obfuscated confidential information in this case study. The information in this case study is my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of MPAY.

Company Overview

MPAY is a Human Capital Management Solutions (HCMS) provider. They license and sell payroll, time and labor, and other benefits. While employed there I completely redesigned the company website to focus on their new Network and Community plans.

My Role

UX Researcher, UX Designer, UX Designer, Project Manager, Front-End Developer, Graphic Designer

In 2009 I started out as the Creative Designer for MPAY. In 2013, I began production on a massive overhaul of MPAY’s online presence as we implemented HubSpot’s Content Management System to build a responsive website that would blend well with a new blog.


Responsive Website & Blog


HubSpot, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator


CEO, Marketing Manager, Copywriter, HubSpot Back-end Developer

Context and Challenge

Problem Statement

The goal was to create a responsive website that focuses attention on the the services offered rather than the products themselves. We set out to increase our leads by 30%.


Defining Key Features

I first set out to get a full assemblage of their current online presence. The original website was outdated and did not do much to convey the services they offered. MPAY had recently acquired and built several new services, but their old website did nothing to display these products, instead it focused primarily on their mostly barren social media services. They needed a new home page that would drive a large amount of attention to their unique selling proposition.

I wanted to create a homepage that was able to quickly introduce who they were both with copy and visuals and then jumped right into their feature services. We settled on some introductory copy and a representation of what their products looked like on mobile/desktop devices. It was important for us to keep this information minimal so that we could also feature their services above the fold. In order to draw a large amount of visual attention to their services in a minimal amount of space I created a series of icons that would be used to depict Retirement, Payroll, Time & Labor, Benefits, and Human Resources. Each of these solutions needed more information to convey what they were so they were given a page where they would have a dedicated passage.

The Network And The Community

Now that we determined what we were going to communicate to clients, we now needed to figure out how we were going to go about doing this. MPAY wanted a way to communicate the two different ways of using their services, both as a reseller and as an individual user. We worked to establish two different entities the Network (B2B) and the Community (B2C). Together these two sides of MPAY would help us to better communicate how they operated and would become a primary focus of their new site.

I worked with MPAY to establish a tone for the dialogue of the website. We wanted to be very clear with what we offered without confusing our users with our new terms. In order to do this we focused primarily on the goal of each entity rather than the names themselves. By doing this we were able to create clear calls to action and copy that clarified, not confused, prospective clients.

About And Resources

We also wanted to show both a bit about the company and provide a set of resources for the clients to use. We created a page devoted to establishing who the company was beyond what solutions they offered. We decided to include information about the employees, the company culture, and even the charities they held dear. In order to collect photos of the culture and employees from our four different offices I managed a group of photographers from each office to dictate, collect, and curate photos for use. To round out the website the resources page provided clients with a much needed link to training, online help, and access to the new blog.

You Gotta Have A Blog

The final piece of the new website launch was the creation of the new blog. I worked with HubSpot to implement the techniques of inbound marketing to drive traffic organically to the website from the blog. Each blog post would involve a set of carefully crafted calls-to-action and landing pages that would direct potential clients through an inbound funnel providing them with more information and resources. This would eventually lead to a sales cold call that was no longer cold now that the client had gone through the sales funnel and been thoroughly introduced to and shown interest in the solutions and services. This greatly helped to increase sales leads and generate new clients for MPAY.


Clients and employees alike were both very satisfied with the new redesign.

“Just took a peek at the new website and love the new look and easy navigation! Love the pictures of the staff too! Impressive!” - Catherine Donohue

“I could not be more proud of the new website results. Phenomenal job! Thank you!” - Amy Robertson

The new website generated a 6.25% conversion rate on website inbound leads.
Within a month of launching the website we saw a 243% increase in leads.