A Portrait of A Dashing UI/UX Designer

About Me

I am Ben Gemborys, a 36 year old UI/UX Designer located in Lowell, MA. I graduated with a BFA in Design in 2009 with a concentration in Web Design. Since then I have worked for multiple companies establishing my design style and learning many life, business, and tech lessons along the way. I work well in a challenging creative environment especially thriving with teams, seeing to it that we all push ourselves to achieve the best results possible for our objective. When I'm not pushing pixels I like to spend my free time hiking in the white mountains or playing strategy board games with friends.

I'm looking to soak up everything around me like a sponge. I've been in the user experience field for a bit and I'm ready to kick my career up a notch. I want to learn more, and write more; I'd love to become an expert in my field. It's a goal of mine to one day perform at a TED talk. I would love to take these next five years of my career to put even more polish on my design skills and begin taking on more leadership roles and exploring management positions.